FlashWorld Productions is an international production company based in the US.
The company focuses on social, environmental and mindful contents. 

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Wisdom, Ethic and Oneness are are motos.

We are always looking for impactful creative contents.

If you are an activist or an organization,
If you need a video for Human or Animal Rights campaign, 
If you want to bring awareness on education, climate change, or poverty,

We are here for you. 

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I Love Therefore I Am

Shot in 20 countries on 5 continents, this documentary will explore Love and its impact around the world.

Throughout the 2 co-directors’s journeys with tribes, indigenous peoples, communities, and interviews with experts, scientists,

spiritual guides and authors, we will discover solutions and inspiration to radically change our modern society. 
This documentary will be a key in accessibility in awareness and a tool to go from a pyramidal system

to a more cooperative and compassionate world.


Leslie Coutterand

Former actress, Leslie is a director, speaker and activist. 
We have seen her, among others, in lead roles of french hit series “Julie Lescaut” on TF1, ‘Deja Vu” France 2, and in the American film "Larry Gaye”.
She was also the face of various international cosmetic campaigns.

For the past 3 years, Leslie has taken a turning point in her career and decided to focus only on causes and productions that have a positive and constructive impact on our society and the environment. 
That's why she founded FlashWorld Productions.


You can watch Leslie's latest talk on social media's conditioning and its impact  in our society, environment and well being :

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"We live in a wonderful creative period with various platforms, medias, technologies, creators, and entrepreneurs eager to spread their visions and impact positively our society.

"It is an artist duty", as Nina Simone used to say, "to reflect our time". 
But it is also an artist responsibility to offer an alternative or tell the other side of the story.

With the globalization and the internet, today more than ever, with everything interconnected, the media culture is mostly responsible for our conditioning.

This is why I started my company. I used to be an actor, but I wanted to help people find their true nature, help them see what is and not what our culture is trying to impose on us. 
I want to help people think outside the box.

My work will be dedicated to inspire people to use their full potential in the service of others and go back to the essentials. 
I want to share stories about the real heroes of our societies and highlight the impact of our actions..."



MOBY, singer

It will be an honor to be part of your documentary and talk about such an important cause. 


Expert in Leadersip

Your documentary

I LOVE THEREFORE I AM will change the world. 
Your are a visionnary. 


Kickstarter campaing

The aesthetic is of


is mind blowing. 
Such a powerful message. 


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